How to become a good ancestor?
Learn how you can help future generations in Estonia

 MG 93675Education is key to making societies more cohesive and prosperous. Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders. How can you help shape the future of Estonia? Come and join us for an on-line discussion on 14 August. You will meet enthusiasts who have created and helped to develop an innovative private school in Tallinn, Püha Johannese Kool, which has grown from 50 to 350 students and 40 staff in just 7 years and has become a leader of a cohort of new private schools which have opened within the last decade in Estonia. 

You will have a chance to learn more about the story of the school, its goals, mission and its current project of building a school of the future.

Find out more about our speakers: 

Liivika Simmul
Oleg Shvaikovsky
Irina Pärt
Aavo Kokk
Sandor Liive
Immanuel Pärt

Join us on 14 August at 9 am PST, 12 pm EDT, 19.00 EEST

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Moderator: Immanuel Pärt
Why the school is needed
Liivika Simmul
History of the school
Irina Pärt
The school today and roadmap
Oleg Shvaikovsky
The new building of the school
Sandor Liive
Call to Action
Aavo Kokk

”I have followed the development of St John’s School with joy as it is a place with a unique spirit and values which are important both for children as well as for parents. If I were a child, I would be happy to study at a school like this.”
Arvo Pärt, composer and grandparent

“My two sons, Artur and Karl, go to St. John’s not only for its Christian background, but because we share the school’s values, its warm-hearted attitude towards the world and its will to raise independent personalities. And if a 13-year-old boy says that his school is the best, then that’s what it is!”
Reet Aus, sustainable fashion designer and parentreetaus

”I appreciate the community spirit of the school as this is how we strengthen civil society. St John’s School is unique since, among other things, the school management gives opportunities to parents to organize events and participate in the teaching process.” 
Aavo Kokk, entrepreneur and parent


”It is really interesting to see how ancient wisdom coincides with the conclusions of the latest research about human development. When we hear what neuroscientists say about what is important for a child’s progress, we can see that this is exactly how things work at St John’s School.”

Kristi Klaasmägi, educational expert and parent