The school has no building as of yet. We are actively looking for premises to purchase or to rent, preferably in Nõmme (a green district in Tallinn).

The premises should reflect the philosophy of the school, materials and colours are chosen consciously and with discernment, preferring a natural feel and look.

A special space for peace and quiet is always accessible to students in the schoolhouse.

The school could have its own garden and a yard so that children could participate as much as possible in practical learning (e.g. sow seeds, water and care for the plants, observe their growth, the blossoms, the ripening, the fruits, etc.) by experiencing firsthand the laws of nature without which it is hard to understand the laws of life.

Dress code

There is no school uniform. School clothes are neat and modest, in peaceful tones, without inscriptions and images.


Catering is managed by the school's catering staff or outsourced to a company that abides by the schools principles. For adults, lenten food should be available on fasting days and during the lent, on Wednesdays and Fridays meat-free food is served to everyone. In preparing the food organic ingredients are used as much as possible.